Spotify vs Apple Music Which one is the Best Streaming APP In 2024

When it comes to picking a music streaming assistance, we encounter a tight race between Apple Music and Spotify. Both are widespread streaming platforms that provide their users with involuntary interfaces and a superabundance of other features. But Spotify vs Apple Music Which one is the finest streaming application in 2024? The answer to this query is a little bit slick and essential for many users. Apple music is normally common in iOS and Mac users but Spotify is familiar in both Android and iOS users. This article assists you in finding the winner that pleasingly suits your desires. 

Difference Between Spotify and Apple Music

Spotify is a streaming application that is officially public on Google PlayStore while Apple Music is a streaming application that is general on Apple App Store. Both applications present free and paid subscription models to cater to the requirements of a broader audience. In the free level of Spotify, you can access millions of songs and a huge library of podcasts while in Apple Music there is no free deck in general but you can operate it for one month in a free trial.

Spotify vs Apple Music Which one is the Best Streaming app in 2024

Spotify is consistent with an expansive spectrum of devices including Android/iOS and PC/Mac. On the other hand, Apple Music is only consistent with iOS and Mac devices. The premium attributes of both Spotify and Apple Music are nearly the same like Unlimited Skips and ad-free listening. 

Spotify holds 80 million songs and 4 million podcasts while Apple Music possesses almost 100 million songs. You can acquire an audio quality of 160kbps in the free version of Spotify and 320kbps in the paid version of Spotify. On the other side, Apple Music controls lossless audio and Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio in its free trial and paid version.

Spotify Vs Apple Music – Common Differences

The common differences between the attributes of Apple Music and Spotify are as follows:


Here are some characteristics of Spotify Premium APK that are not available in Apple Music:

Collaborative Playlists:

It is a flawless option for shared music knowledge because it authorizes you to construct playlists with friends and add songs in real time.


It is an excellent feature for uncovering new music together because it creates a blended playlist based on your and your friend’s listening preferences.

Follow Friends:

An option to uncover new music via the playlist of your friends because it entitles you to glimpse what your friends are listening to.


You can enjoy instant lyrics while listening to music in the Spotify application. A perfect option for learning new songs and singing along.


An awesome option is general for Android users in the Spotify vs Apple Music application that they can customize their audio to their choices by employing a built-in equalizer.

Apple Music

Lossless Audio:

This feature is an ideal option for audiophiles. It keeps the full richness and details of the original recordings.

Spotify vs Apple Music Which one is the Best Streaming app in 2024

Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio:

If you want to experience music in three-dimensional space? If yes, then this attribute of Apple Music is best for you.

Time-Synced Lyrics:

It also offers the features of lyrics but is time-synced. You can view the lyrics that scroll in time with the music. A perfect option for those who want to learn new songs.

Curated Playlist:

Apple Music delivers a vast selection of music videos and curated playlists.

Student Discounts:

There is no free level general in Apple Music but it suggests discounted subscriptions for students to make it an adorable option for thrifty users.

Spotify vs Apple Music – Cons

Where every streaming apps have benefits it also contains some drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages of Apple Music and Spotify are as follows:


  • The free deck of the Spotify APK application displays restricted traits like ads and limited skips, which can be annoying for some users.
  • While Spotify offers decent quality it does not reach the lossless of Apple Music.
  • The free tier of Spotify does not allow offline listening. If you are a free user then you must have an internet connection.

Apple Music

  • Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not propose any free tier and needs a paid subscription.
  • It has limited device compatibility and is only restricted to Apple devices.
  • The premium plan of Spotify is more reasonable than the premium plan of Apple Music.
  • While it presents the trait of a curated playlist it does not match the level of personalized suggestions presented by Spotify.


Spotify vs Apple Music which one is the finest streaming application in 2024? The answer is entirely depends on user preference. If you want to enjoy a streaming application on your Android devices with a free tier then Spotify is the best option for you or if you want to look for a premium plan with lossless quality attributes then Apple Music is your choice. 

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