Spotify vs Deezer Which Music Streaming Service Is Better in 2024

Determining an exemplary music streaming service seems like uncovering true love for your ears in the age of digital hymns. Two names Spotify vs Deezer are come in the frontline of music streaming applications. Both are the most renowned streaming services and offer huge libraries and attributes that meet myriad listening discretions. Choosing the one between Spotify and Deezer is tricky but with this comprehensive guide, it becomes easy for you. Here we will explore the important aspects of Deezer and Spotify in detail. Let’s begin!

About Spotify

Spotify is the most recognized streaming platform developed by Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon. It was established in 2008 and shows millions of songs and podcasts even audiobooks. It puffs over 433 million monthly vibrant users and almost 180 million paying subscribers. You can estimate the popularity of Spotify with these numbers. It furnishes you with more than 90 million songs in distinct categories varying from mainstream pop to obscure indie music. Its algorithms examine your listening habits and present you with unique content according to your listening preferences.

Spotify vs Deezer Which Music Streaming Service Is Better in 2024

Spotify also allows you to create and share your favored music playlists on diverse social media platforms and also permits you to follow other users to analyze their musical tastes. This feature increases social collaboration and enhances your overall music experience. It is consistent with a wider spectrum of devices varying from Android/iOS to Mac/PC. One of the most gripping things about Spotify is that it is obtainable on Google PlayStore and you do not need to acquire it from a third-party application.

About Deezer

Before analyzing the comparison of Spotify vs Deezer which one is best first to understand about Deezer? Marhely is a French entrepreneur and music enthusiast who initially launched BlogMusik in 2006. It is a website that permits its users to stream and upload copyrighted music at no cost. But Marhely transformed BlogMusik into Deezer due to facing legal challenges in 2007 and focused on licensed music streaming. It contains more than 90 million tracks and 80 million monthly active users.

The main benefits of Deezer that stand out is its audio quality. It also provides both free and premium tires like Spotify and its premium tiers contain FLAC lossless audio. Deezer is also present in Google PlayStore. It eliminates the need to constantly pick what to play next and builds an uninterrupted stream of music based on your desires.

Spotify vs Deezer Which Music Streaming Service Is Better in 2024

Can I Switch Deezer to Spotify without Losing my Playlists?

Yes, you can easily switch Deezer to Spotify without losing your precious playlists. For, this you ought to download Deezer to MP3 and then transfer music files to the Spotify APK application because there is no official built-in transfer available in both platforms. Here are three famous options available that can help you seamlessly migrate your music preferences:


  • This handy website supports multiple platforms including Spotify and Deezer and acts as a music transfer arbitrator.
  • Just connect your Spotify and Deezer accounts to Soundiiz and pick the playlist you like to transfer. Then click the transfer button and your playlist successfully transfers from one application to another.
  • Soundiiz creates a new playlist for you by checking the tracks in your Deezer playlists to their peers on Spotify.


  • TuneMyMusic is another famous transfer tool and contains a friendly interface. It also supports a large number of platforms including Spotify and Deezer.
  • Connect your account and choose playlists similar to Soundiiz for transferring music playlists.
  • TuneMyMusic offers both free and paid plans. It permits transferring a limited number of tracks in the free plan and presents larger libraries in the paid plan.

Manually Recreate Playlists

  • If the transfer tools do not provide the desired functionality or prioritize a direct approach then you can manually recreate your playlists on the Spotify application.
  • Note down the track artists or titles by opening your Deezer playlist.
  • Now, navigate to the Spotify application and start creating new playlists.
  • This procedure gives you full control over the organization and selections but it might be tedious for extensive playlists.

FAQs About Spotify vs Deezer

Which platform has a better music library?

Both Spotify and Deezer contain a massive music library. But we can say that Spotify wins in the music library size and Deezer wins for audio quality.

Which platform has better recommendations?

Both Spotify and Deezer offer outstanding recommendations but Spotify uses algorithms that make it leisurely to uncover new music according to your tastes. 


Preferring the best between Spotify vs Deezer relies on individual choices. However, Spotify wins in its personalized recommendations and community attributes. It also provides a more intuitive interface as compared to Deezer. However, If you find a lossless audio attribute and curated podcasts then Deezer is your champion. You can also utilize both platforms and easily transfer your music playlists to the Spotify application.

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