Spotify vs Joox Which Streaming App Deserves Your Attention?

In a world where music streaming services are regarded as the most comfortable way to go for listening to tunes, selecting the best option among so many options can be overwhelming. Spotify vs Joox are the two popular streaming applications and appeared as a frontrunner in the battle of streaming services domination. Both Spotify and Joox contain unique attributes and functionalities. In this detailed guide, we will analyze which streaming app deserves your attention between Joox and Spotify.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that contains a massive online library of podcasts and music. You can access all your desires on demand in the Spotify application. It holds more than 80 million songs across distinct languages and genres ranging from mainstream hits to obscure indie gems. You do not need to download or own physical copies to play any song you want. However, in its premium version, you can relish the download ability also.

Spotify vs Joox Which Streaming App Deserves Your Attention?

One of the most influential causes for its vogue is its algorithms. Spotify employs algorithms that recommend playlists and artists based on your listening routines to guarantee you encounter new music according to your intentions. It also gives you curated playlists and the option of listening to millions of podcasts in distinct categories and themes. Spotify offers both free and premium decks. Its free tier also offers millions of songs but with ads and some limited attributes.

On the other hand, its premium deck opens the gateway to endless possibilities with advanced attributes like offline listening and unlimited skips. It offers extensive device compatibility varying from Mac/PC to Android/iOS. The amazing thing about the Spotify application is that it is officially present on Google PlayStore to ensure that everyone enjoys the best security qualities.

What is Joox?

Spotify vs Joox, before picking the best one first understand Joox music. It is also a rising star in the music streaming world while not internationally famous as Spotify. It particularly focuses on the Asian market and keeps a library of more than 40 million tracks. It is famous for its collection of Asian and Southeast Asian music like Cantopop and Thai pop. Joox heavily focuses on regional preferences and like Spotify, it also utilizes algorithms to enhance the user experiences. 

The main thing about Joox that makes it different from other streaming applications is its Karaoke attribute. In this trait, you can sing along to millions of songs with scoring and even record your performance. It also holds both premium and free decks like the Spotify application. Its free tier also contains many attributes with ads and the premium contains advanced attributes. Joox is also compatible with a wide variety of devices and is officially available on Google Playstore.

Spotify vs Joox – Drawbacks

Some of the disadvantages of Spotify and Joox are as follows:


  • Supplies ads and limited attributes like song skips in its free tier.
  • The premium price of Spotify Premium APK is higher than Joox Music.
  • The Spotify application does not contain any Karaoke feature.
  • It has a smaller Asian music library and mainly focuses on Western music.


  • Its overall music library is smaller as compared to Spotify.
  • Unlike Spotify, it does not hold a lossless option for premium users.
  • It delivers limited social features compared to Spotify.
  • It is compatible with many devices but not with console (PS4/Xbox).
  • It provides lower audio quality than Spotify.

User Interface and Experiences

Spotify contains a clean and uncluttered interface with involuntary navigation. With clear categories and prominent search bars finding music is a breeze. It prioritizes functionality without distracting users. Its main focus is on discovering new music and personalized playlists like daily mixes.

Spotify vs Joox Which Streaming App Deserves Your Attention?

On the other hand, the interface of Joox is alive with color and personality. It provides attributes like scrolling banners and animated icons. Its interface leans towards a visually appealing design. However, some users find it more cluttered than Spotify.

FAQs About Spotify vs Joox

Which platform has a bigger music library?

Spotify contains a larger library in distinct genres and languages as compared to Joox to cater to the needs of a broader audience. 

Which one has better audio quality?

The premium users of Spotify enjoy lossless quality while the highest quality of Joox is still compressed MP3.

Can I use both platforms on my devices?

Yes, you can utilize both applications at the same time and both support a wide variety of devices. However, Joox lacks the console compatibility.


Spotify vs Joox, picking the best one completely depends on individual needs and tastes. Spotify is famous because of its vast music library and worldwide reach while Joox Music offers local content and affordable prices to appeal to Asian consumers. Both Spotify and Joox music offer similar or different qualities but the ultimate choice depends on your requirements and regional preferences. Have a safe experience!

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