Spotify vs SoundCloud Which Music Streaming do you choose?

Spotify vs SoundCloud are the two most common names that come on the battlefield for music streaming dominance. Both are popular music streaming apps and furnish their users with a wide variety of content libraries including songs. But choosing between the best one is a difficult task for the everyday listener. This guide will prove to be helpful for you if you are searching for the best music streaming platform according to your preferences. 

Similarities between Spotify and SoundCloud

Both Spotify and SoundCloud are widespread platforms and offer their users with huge music library and personalized recommendations. These are the two titans of music streaming and authorizing you to access millions of songs at your fingertips. Both platforms are convenient with Android/iOS and Mac/PC devices to cater to the needs of a wider audience. Provides an opportunity for desktop clients to enjoy music streaming.

Spotify vs SoundCloud Which Music Streaming do you choose?

Both SoundCloud and Spotify offer paid and free tiers but with some constraints. Spotify restricts to the inability of offline listening and contains ads in its free tier while SoundCloud restricts upload times for creators and contains ads. Upgrading to paid tiers unlocks the full potential for both Spotify Premium and SoundCloud Go+. Spotify Premium APK entitles ad-free and offline listening while SoundCloud Go+ entitles FLAC lossless audio.

The amazing thing that respects your privacy is that both Spotify and SoundCloud are officially available on Google PlayStore and both present strong music suggestions. The powerful recommendations of Spotify excel at proposing familiar melodies while the recommendations of SoundCloud lean toward trending content within your preferred categories.

In Short, both deliver amazing features and the choice of the best one completely depends on your musical preferences. If you are a fan of mainstream music then Spotify is your jam while if you see unique sounds then SoundCloud is your champion.

Spotify vs SoundCloud – Common Differences

Some of the common differences between Spotify vs SoundCloud that assist users in finding the best one according to their preferences are as follows:


Some attributes of Spotify that are not present in SoundCloud are as follows:

Mainstream Music Library:

Spotify puffs more than 80 million tracks resembling the 125 million tracks of SoundCloud but it focuses heavily on commercial successful music and established artists.  

Radio Stations and Curated Playlists:

Spotify presents pre-made playlists based on categories and activities even on your listening habits. Its radio stations also deliver an endless stream of music. While SoundCloud holds diverse playlists focuses more on individual artist profiles.

Strong Recommendation Engine:

The algorithms of Spotify APK analyze your listening patterns and suggest music according to this while the recommendation system of SoundCloud is less personalized than Spotify.

Friendly Interface:

The interface of Spotify is generally considered more intuitive and easier to navigate. Make it the perfect choice for casual listeners.

Robust Social Attributes:

Spotify permits you to share playlists and follow friends. It also lets you see what others are listening to while the social features of SoudCloud are less prominent than Spotify and primarily focus on artist-listener interactions.

Podcasts and Audiobooks:

This trait of Spotify makes it a perfect choice because it has a massive library of podcasts and audiobooks while SoundCloud presently focuses on music.


Some attributes of SoundCloud that are not general in Spotify are as follows:

Spotify vs SoundCloud Which Music Streaming do you choose?

Unique Content:

It focuses on its vast collection of remixes and mashups while Spotify focuses on the mainstream.

Artist-centric Platform:

It allows users to directly upload tools and prioritize artists’ profiles. This feature fosters a strong connection between fans and artists. 

Openness and Experimentation:

You will find live recordings and unrefined tracks alongside concluded products in SoundCloud. 

FAQs About Spotify vs SoundCloud

Do both have free tiers?

Yes, both Spotify vs SoundCloud offer free tiers with limitations like shuffle play and ads.

What about the paid tiers of Spotify and SoundCloud?

Both present paid tiers with offline playback and ad-free listening. The premium subscription to Spotify presents 320kbps audio quality while the paid subscription to SoundCloud offers FLAC lossless audio.

Which is more social Spotify and SoundCloud?

Spotify authorizes you to share playlists and follow friends while SoundCloud encourages direct interactions with artists via communities and comments.

Is SoundCloud available on Xbox?

No, Soundcloud is only available on PS4 not on Xbox while Spotify has wider console compatibility.

Can I connect with Artists on both Platforms?

Yes, both platforms offer artist profiles and comment sections but SoundCloud entitles a strong artist-fan connection.


Spotify vs SoundCloud which is the best music streaming application in 2024? As we mentioned earlier, the choice is ultimately depends on your preferences. If you want to enjoy a piece of mainstream music in HD quality then Spotify is your jam or if you are interested in unique sounds then SoundCloud is your champion. You can also be able to utilize both apps on your prefered device so get ready for muic streaming.

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